Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!

Fusing an inverted post-punk, glam damaged, shimmering fuzz rock schematic with a carbonized cake made from 1978 remapped: Bang! Bang! was birthed in 2002, all wiry whiplash dance punk in a town (Chicago) known for post-rock gurus that no one heeds anymore. Gretta Fine (Vocals, Bass) is pallid, sex-roiling, and unearthly, no gimmicks– Jackie Flash (Vocals, Guitar) is the hormone heaving, slinky Italian captain of libido, while Nick Kraska (Drums) is the flexing and debauched moist rythmic king beneath it all as part time member Rachel Shindelman (Keyboards) has become the muse on many songs, sculpting the language and liquored lips of the band. So, welcome to the new pleasure dome, where the Bang! Bang! exhibition never stops.”

– David Ensminger, Left Of The Dial

The Dirt That Makes You Drown [06/05/2007]

"...chock full of chunky guitar riffs, interesting and straightforward lyrics, and musical influences that vary from glam to post-punk to prog-rock."
"Another dose of dance punk mania from the Chicago quartet, their upcoming sophomore release The Dirt That Makes You Drown explores everything from dirty fingernails to chicks from outer space. The track "Prefab Nation" is an anthem against the artificial spawned from the homogenized surroundings of suburbia. As the keyboard whistles and the drums kick, Jack Flash and Gretta Fine take their turn on wail duty, reminding us that the only way to fight replication is to just "keep on rockin'."
"A fresh-sounding new release that deserves to be up in lights."
"Bang! Bang! has created a fantastic album as explosive as their name"
"The Dirt That Makes You Drown finds Bang! Bang! returning with two new members (both on loan from New Black) and a sound that is, if anything, even more frantic and crazy than before. On songs like "What We Need" and "Prefab Nation" the band sounds like the mutant love child of the Cramps and the B-52's -- warbly female vocals and junk-shop keyboards rub lasciviously up against Jackie Flash's gulping post-rockabilly amphetamine stutter while crappy guitars slap themselves silly in the background, and it all happens at about 80 miles per hour. At times they actually evoke a swampy version of the Dead Kennedys. What's not to like?"
"So, welcome to the new pleasure dome, where the Bang Bang exhibition never stops"