Dragged By Horses

Dragged By Horses

Calling Humboldt County California their home, Dragged by Horses hail from behind the redwood curtain. Humboldt has only two roads in and two roads out, located at least five hours from the nearest urban center. The isolation is exactly what drives Dragged by Horses and gives them the freedom to develop their crafts without outside input.

This three-piece sonic assault (Pablo Midence – vocals and guitar, Jody Goldman – bass, and Chris Jaster – drums) has found Humboldt’s out of the way location with its beautiful, quiet scenery, and even its crushing poverty level to be inspirational forces that have helped them evolve beyond a typical stoner-rock band; describing themselves as sounding like a “natural disaster” or a “violence orchestra.” Dragged by Horses write heavy, sharp and intelligent tracks.

Deep In The Woods [03/12/2008]

"they have the tone down, and are heavy without resorting to any raucous distortion, double bass-drum attacks, or quiet-to-loud; theirs is a much more subtle style of bludgeoning."
"Dragged By Horses mimic the power and depth of ragers like Shellac, undercut by a current of the drumnastics of bands like Don Caballero and The Ladies. That’s a good thing."
"interlocking riffs with shouted vocals from the somewhat enraged-sounding guitarist, Pablo Midence. Indeed, to cite another power trio (if one that features a separate vocalist), it's easy to think of Rage Against the Machine as Midence chants repeatedly, with growing anger, 'May your death be a peaceful one' during 'Peaceful Endings.' This is head-banging music in the classic manner."
"In glorious 180g red vinyl (drool drool), Dragged By Horses sound like The Pixies meeting Badgeman under the auspices of Steve Albini. Among the many highlights is the stop start glory of 'One Way Ticket To Rome', the ragged destruction of 'The Need To Fight', and the punk intensity of '1000,000'. At just under half an hour this is a rollercoaster best heard loud."
"Do trios just try harder? From Nirvana and Shellac to Russian Circles and Zoroaster, it's always fascinating to watch three-piece bands rival multi-axed armies on the volume Richter scale. Northern California's Dragged by Horses are the latest example of this phenomenon. Tracks from their new album, Deep in the Woods, never stray from singer/guitarist Pablo Midence's straight-ahead metallic churn, imagining the bright, rocket-launch skies of super-pop band Unrest colliding with Shellac-era Steve Albini (when Albini commits to riffing, anyway). Midence's angular, trembly strum is complemented by a more fluid rhythm section that nods to the Minutemen on 'One Way Ticket to Rome,' and Hella on 'Mas Por Dinero.' Sometimes, the best rock is unexpected."
"There is ample reason to commend Dragged By Horses, as their music bursts with intensity and brawn, yet does so without piling layers upon the group's simple, yet effective approach. That they were kind enough to let me experience this brutality on vinyl is just icing on the cake."

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