The International


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  1. The International
  2. Candor
  3. Cars on Fire
  4. Maritime Snakes
  5. Safe and Sound
  6. The Peoples Monument
  7. Customs
  8. Maginot
  9. Silver
  10. Rot It Out
  11. The Spoils
  12. Stator / Asympote
  13. Tumult!
  14. Sudden Freeze /Ice Shelf /The Thaw

Produced by Mark Berlin & Arks
Engineering by Mark Berlin
Recorded at Gravity Studios, Chicago

Mastered by Stephen Marsh
Threshold Studios
Los Angeles, CA

“…they have an odd, stilted swagger all their own.”

"Damn straight-up terse post-punk rock 'n' roll."
"The International feels like Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd weaving through Gang of Four tunes, particularly on droning album closer "Sudden Freeze/The Ice Shelf/The Thaw." These guitars are dirty but impeccable, avoiding showy wanking in place of gnarly dynamics. The crunching title track crashes with a heavily starched staccato rhythm. Tracks such as "Candor," "Stator/Asymptote" and "Customs" grind along a draining heavy-bass approach a la Canadian punk stalwarts NoMeansNo, while the sub two-minute "Maritime Snakes" flails away with Wire-esque energy and efficiency. Other tracks like "Safe and Sound" and "Tumult!" jerk like Pere Ubu sans David Thomas' wailing bellow."
"FROM OFF THE STREETS of Chicago to the streets of D.C., the up and coming indie rock band Arks is ready to get you grooving at The Velvet Lounge tonight. Arks, who could sonically pass for Fugazi's Midwestern second cousin, come at you with relentless, driving guitars and singer Paul Hornschemeier's staccato vocals providing some haunting results. The band arrives in town touring in support of its first full length album, "The International." While Arks' post-punk sound could comfortably assimilate into the local hardcore scene, Chicago's a different story. "We sort of absolutely don't and absolutely do fit into the Chicago scene," Hornschemeier said. The Chicago music scene, known for bands such as Tortoise and The Sea and Cake, purveyors of jazzy and mathy rock, really offers a much more diversified, often weirder and edgier sound, which is where Arks finds its place."
"one of the scene's best."
"Last night at Trash Bar, Chicago's Arks showed a small Brooklyn crowd that Chicago has a powerful up-and coming music scene. Touring in support of their new album, The International, Arks' deep, dark, driving post-punk rhythms nearly blew the walls off the small Williamsburg venue."