The Battle Of Sealand


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  1. Introduction
  2. Thinktank
  3. Thrown Idols
  4. Sugar Crystals
  5. You Kids Should Know Better
  6. Mermaid in a Manhole
  7. Stay
  8. Peoria
  9. The Release
  10. Red Friends
  11. The Big Mash-up

Produced & Mixed by David Golitko
Engineered by Balthazar de Ley
Recorded at Engine Studios, Chicago

Mastered by Stephen Marsh
Threshold Studios
Los Angeles, CA

"The finest....strike that, the ONLY album ever about the weird, quasi-autonomous principality off the coast of Suffolk comes courtesy of these cult Chicagoan shoegazers." - NME

"Refusing to toil in retro new wave, post-punk or yawn inducing folk rehashes is bound to cause a bit of misunderstanding. But, when listeners finally do come around to the towering greatness of The Battle of Sealand, it's advised they make an earplug investment in the process." - MAGNET
"… a sonic spinning of cotton candy." - PITCHFORK
"The Battle of Sealand is a long playing supplement to those (prior) brief Ep's, and as every track on it shows, the group is capable of sustaining listeners' attention for more than a handful of songs." - UNDER THE RADAR
"These four guys from the Chicago area have been making noise on the dreampop scene over the past few years with a number of EPs and compilation tracks. This is the group's first LP, and at over an hour, it is an ambitious affair awash with dizzying cascades of guitar effects and a 15-minute closing track that approximates the sound of the sun exploding and dissolving into an angelic choirboy nocturne. Like many recent shoegazing bands, Airiel proudly wear the early '90s Creation and 4AD sounds of Ride, Swervedriver, Pale Saints, and My Bloody Valentine on their sleeves. And while they haven't developed a voice as distinctive as any of their heroes yet, there are moments of pure rapturous sonic bliss." -THE BIG TAKEOVER
"Airiel’s The Battle Of Sealand dishes up churning psych-pop ala Spacemen 3, Ride, and their new nephews like Darker My Love and Black Angels, though this Chicago band lays off the dark side for the most part, and swirl out a curvier crunch that’s perfect for summer drives off to nowhere in particular." - CMJ
"This Chicago band follows up a series of early EPs with an impressive full-length of aggressive, shoegazerish psych-rock. Walls of blistering guitars aided by dense production give the band an immense sound, but memorable melodies and soaring vocal harmonies ensure their songs are more than just thrilling guitar noise." - KEXP
"A psychedelic shoegazer band from Bridgeport? You know it, and this quartet has got that vintage Ride sound down so well, you'll swear they attended Oxford in the early '90s. The group has been touring in support of its first full album, "The Battle of Sealand," unleashing a full-blown sensory assault to rival My Bloody Valentine at its loudest and with visuals that would do Pink Floyd proud..." - Jim DeRogatis (CHICAGO SUN TIMES)