Unicycle Dead Age - digital LARGE

The Dead Age

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Unicycle Loves You
  1. Falling Off
  2. We Never Worry
  3. Suicide Pizza
  4. Silent Minus
  5. Face Tattoo
  6. JAWS
  7. Bad News Club
  8. Endless Bummer
  9. Any Daydreaming Morning
  10. Grownups
  11. X-Ray Glaze
  12. The Dead Age

Produced by Jim Carroll

Mastered by Bob Weston

"The Dead Age is packed with more fuzz than you’d find in a fat guy’s belly button... It sounds like the most properly tied-together mess you’ll ever hear." - NOISEY

"the garage-rock trio brazenly stacks muffed-out guitars and harsh feedback onto a dense rhythm section — and pile on heaps of hooks for good measure." -  SPIN
"Cherry-picking gems from the group's album is a fool's errand; best to crank up the volume and let the scrambled jams own you. Live, you don't even have to feel lame about waking the neighbors." - Village Voice
"Brooklyn-based indie band Unicycle Loves You doesn't shy away from its love of pop culture. Song titles on the band's new record, The Dead Age, include Suicide Pizza and Face Tattoo, which sound fuzzier and delightfully weirder than I expected." - USA Today
"I’ve spent a lot of time with the record now and I can say with confidence that it’s one you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re a fan of the shoegazing, noisy likes of No Age, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, et al." - Death + Taxes
"everything that keeps us believing in the DIY home made sound of real rock and roll." - IMPOSE
"an extremely hook-heavy album that spits punk idioms at a disaffected pace, all while creating a sunny, oddly tranquil space in the middle of all the crackling...8.3/10" - VIOLENT SUCCESS