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Mirror, Mirror


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Unicycle Loves You
  1. Lethal Attraction
  2. Quagga
  3. Time Bandits
  4. Teenage Ghost House
  5. The Wickedest Man In San Francisco
  6. Justine
  7. Mountain Lungs
  8. Mirror, Mirror
  9. A Second Look
  10. There's A Giant Walking In My Heart
  11. Magnetic Horses
  12. Evil Unmasked
  13. Evil Twin
  14. The Small Print

Produced & mixed by Jim Carroll.
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

“ULY sounds like a mixtape of indie rock’s best eras, from reverb-drenched Cure guitar lines to New Pornographers-esque boy-girl harmonies. Recommended if you like Guided By Voices & New Pornographers.” -SPIN

"Some bands suffer the sophomore slump. Chicago trio Unicycle Loves You just experienced a sophomore jump...The band could also be called Critics Love You, with raves coming in from here to Manhattan." - CHICAGO SUN TIMES
“In Unicycle songs—which somehow manage to combine “mid-tempo” with “high-octane”—you might encounter trace amounts of My Bloody Valentine, Belly, Guided By Voices, Of Montreal, the High Water Marks, the Fiery Furnaces, The Strokes, and Belle & Sebastian, bathed in Carroll and Vitale’s mawkish, harmonized sarcasm and concentrated bursts of effects-pedal napalm.” - VILLAGE VOICE
"a laundry list of ’90s and early ’00s indie rock tics—New Pornographer’s eccentric vocal melodies and bits of Belle And Sebastian-esque twee whimsy" - CMJ
“The Chicago group intertwines cheeky humor and romantic obsession in musical settings influenced by such disparate new wave and post-punk acts as Wire, ABC and Mazzy Star. Mirror, Mirror is a rich sonic confection.” - iTUNES REVIEW