Unicycle Loves You


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Unicycle Loves You
  1. Great Bargains For Seniors
  2. Kiki Bridges
  3. Dollars + Cents
  4. Highway Robbery
  5. Yum Pla Muk
  6. Under 18
  7. Hawaii!
  8. Womanbait For Manfish
  9. We Got Animals
  10. Dangerous Decade

Produced & Mixed by Brian Deck
Engineered by Balthazar de Ley
Recorded at Engine Studios, Chicago.

Mastered by Stephen Marsh
Radio Recorders Studios
Los Angeles, CA

"Unicycle Loves You is a psychedelic pop band whipping up a frenzy of addictive pop melodies fresh enough for even the most jaded listener to sit up and pay attention....Dark and twisted, light and airy, smooth and sweet, or raucous and wild, Unicycle Loves You will grab you by the ears and pull you through their technicolor world of pure pop bliss." - FILTER MAGAZINE

“For a band in a nascent stage of their career, Unicycle Loves You was lucky enough to get Brian Deck behind the boards, and for the first 30 seconds of their self-titled record, you’re ticking off his sonic calling cards– clattering, junkyard percussion, odd time signatures, squiggly keyboards. The record has everything but Tim Rutili. Then again, Unicycle Loves You are confident enough to snatch it right back and turn the next half hour or so into the kind of ebullient indie pop record you’d never associate with the guy. They’re a band with a vision…” - PITCHFORK
"Band Of the Month: Unicycle Loves You, Chicago band mixes pop sensibilities with psychedelic inspirations." - VENUS MAGAZINE
"Chicago group purveys zippy, energetic, complex pop tunes and impresses me considerably." - USA TODAY
"For a band to tastefully sample a great range of music is no small feat, but it’s one that Chicago’s Unicycle Loves You has achieved on their debut self-titled album." - CRAWDADDY
"Often times when bands pay homage to their influences they end up being lax mimickers. Thankfully, Unicycle Loves You is far from that. They take bits from various genres spanning over several decades and pack them all into an indie-pop cornucopia of tasty feel-good music riddled with insightful lyrics. The Chi-town Quintet is currently busy touring/promoting their first full-length self-titled album due out later this year in early June. Unicycle Loves You kids and chances are you'll love them right back." - URB MAGAZINE
"Great indie pop rock still exists. Chicago’s Unicycle Loves You will soon infiltrate the blogosphere with their incredibly catchy, eclectic self-titled debut." - NY PRESS
"Is it glam or new wave? Indie rock or power pop? Are they more influenced by the '50s, '60s, or '80s? Or are they just living in the moment? The answers aren't readily apparent on Unicycle Loves You's debut, but what's undeniable is the band's ability to remain entertaining and original while also vaguely reminding you of other acts you can't quite put your finger on. If songs like 'Highway Robbery' don't add fun and sunshine to your day, you've got problems music can't fix." - CHICAGO TRIBUNE
"...expect all that to be upstaged by local six-piece band Unicycle Loves You, which is equal parts deranged adrenaline and quirky genre exercises. The band will undoubtedly be even more enthused and showoff-y than usual at this free record-release show for its self-titled debut, which ranges from fuzzed-out funky keyboard tracks like 'Dangerous Decade' to dusty classic-rock-ish gems like 'Great Bargains for Seniors.'" - THE ONION