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Walking Bicycles
  1. Sympathy
  2. Welcome to the Future (Deck version)
  3. Desperate
  4. So Far
  5. Car Crash
  6. Hermit
  7. Shag
  8. Welcome to the Future (Albini version)

Tracks 1-4
Produced & Mixed by Brian Deck
Additional Engineered by Neil Strauch
Recorded at Engine Studios, Chicago

Tracks 5-8
Producted by Walking Bicycles
Engineered & Mixed by Steve Albini
Recorded at Electrical Audio Studios, Chicago

All Tracks Mastered by Greg Calbi
Sterling Sound Studios
New York, NY

Copyright 2006

"garagey post punk music a la Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and even a hint of Devo here and there... Spin magazine was right on the money when they called Walking Bicycles 'Dynamic and genre defying.'” - KEXP

"Chicago outfit Walking Bicycles plays arty, sleek post-punk that claims sonic kinship to Black Sabbath and The Residents, yet sounds more like a riled-up Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Frontwoman Jocelyn Summers and company, though, manage to deftly evade the trite angularity and faux coldness of most post-punk revivalists, instead evoking early, abrasive Siouxsie And The Banshees and even touching on Clinic's more frenzied forays into noise-pop. Last year's full-length Disconnected sounds exactly that: chaotic, disjointed, and confounding in the most exhilarating way possible." - AV CLUB
"Glam and angst-y dance rock with a new-wave freakiness to it-that is how I will sum of the sound of Walking Bicycles. Backed by some of the biggest names in the Alternative music scene with recording duties shared by Brian Deck (Iron & Wine, Califone, Modest Mouse) and Steve Albini (Pixies, Nirvana) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Dylan, U2, Sonic Youth), Walking Bicycles seems to have a yellow brick road of luck ahead and a wild sound to go along with it. Energetic and contagious as soon as it gets spinning Disconnected offers up eight tracks of raw post-punk guitar playing and sleek, rousting vocal performances from the spicy sounding Jocelyn Summers. Notable songs include 'Sympathy' and 'The Hermit.'" - THE BIG TAKEOVER
"This Chicago foursome rides the line where post-punk borders with commercial rock, a pretty good place to be at a time where bands like Interpol reign the airwaves. Their sound is bass-heavy with the shoegazer touch often found in britpop."Welcome to the Future" warrants heavy Joy Division influences, but vocalist Jocelyn Summers' sense of playful melody gives the band a broader and probably more accurate comparison to the UK outfit Sleeper." - PUNK PLANET
"a feast of tight, edgy indie rock, loaded-up with frantic, bouncing rhythms, chaotic post-punk meets shoegazer guitar and frontwoman Jocelyn Summers' icy vocals." - NY PRESS
"Disconnected almost defies description due to its aurally vibrant uniqueness, but since it is my sworn verbose duty to adequately describe the joyous sounds hypnotically emanating from within, I shall now do so with the utmost of gleeful zeal. Jocelyn Summers' angelic, dreamy, narcotic-laced vocals are intoxicatingly complemented by Julius Moriarty's choppy, swirling, staccato guitar propulsions. And Jason Leather's rolling, billowing bass lines dramatically mesh with the thudding, factory-stomp drumbeats... The dazzling, effervescent combination of each of the aforementioned elements makes for one hell of an atmospheric, urgently delivered Post Punk sojourn into the past, present, future, and beyond. Indeed, the songs of Walking Bicycles are mesmerizing, redemptive, and inspiring, as all music should be." - UNDER THE VOLCANO
"Walking Bicycles have taken off the training wheels for their second EP, Disconnected, careening through eight fresh songs including the grinding, guitar-driven "Desperate" and two separate renditions of the energetic "Welcome To The Future." Strong vocals, courtesy of effervescent singer Jocelyn Summers, are a highlight, along with dynamic post punk beats. It's obvious the band are having fun; there's little question listeners will, too." - ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER