Walking Bicycles


LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl. CD is out of print.

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Walking Bicycles
  1. Lost Coast
  2. King Of The Mountain
  3. Killing Time
  4. Heavyhorse
  5. Stitch
  6. Worthless
  7. Hidden Agenda (Vinyl Only)

Produced & Mixed by Trevor Cole
Engineered by Les Camacho
Recorded at Cornerstone Studios, L.A.

Mastered by Steven Marsh
Threshold Studios
Los Angeles, CA

Copyright 2005

"Over the past year or so, it became increasingly clear Chicago, without question, is a hot spot for this new wave-of-?80s-inspired dance rock. With post-punk-style guitars, ominous, yet sexy female vocals, and dance-friendly beats, the Walking Bicycles? six-song, self-titled EP has everything one could want for those who always knew that love would, indeed, tear us apart, again." - ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER

"Their sound reminded me of the better elements of the early 80's post punk era. The choppy stacato vocals over the rolling rhythm added a touch of art rock, which makes the band sound current.Check them out the next time they have a gig in town you will like them." - ARCATA EYE