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To Him That Wills The Way


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Walking Bicycles
  1. Impending Doom
  2. So
  3. Eyesore
  4. Vitamin Z
  5. War Paint
  6. Faster Than Light
  7. Words
  8. The Messenger
  9. Boethius
  10. Badada

engineered by john san paolo at electrical audio studios
additional engineering by neil strauch at soma electronic music studios
mixed by sanford parker
mastered by stephen marsh
all song written and performed by walking bicycles

walking bicycles are:
jocelyn summers – vocals
julius moriarty – guitar
jason leather – bass
deric criss – drums

album art jocelyn summers

copyright 2013 & copyright 2014 walking bicycles

"doomy, booming music that sounds like a medical emergency crossed with an existential crisis...  Almost as impressive as its sheer power, though, is its concision" - STEREOGUM

"the quartet hauls doom metal's weight through post-punk's sharp corners... Jason's unnerving bass lines and Deric's relentless drumwork mix seamlessly with Jocelyn's screams and Julius's squalls. It's a singular engine of sound" - NOISEY
"They're dark and aggressive, but they've got plenty of hooks" - BROOKLYN VEGAN
"It’s a driving, potent record, driven by an aching heart and fueled by driving, hammering riffs." - WONDERING SOUND
"This is probably one of the most poignant and authentic releases of 2014." - BUZZNET
"The Chicago harbingers of chaos and chords from hell dish out the punishment spiked with pleasure..." - IMPOSE MAGAZINE
"what Siouxsie Sioux would sound like fronting a doomy Krautrock band... If there's a hole in your life in the shape of dark, crushing, velvety tunes with motorik beats, they'll totally fill it!" - CHICAGO READER
"acid rock recalling Jane's Addiction in their heyday coupled with garage rawness"- HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE
"Walking Bicycles keep the songs short, fast and allow the throbbing simplicity of their attack to drive the point home without allowing you a single breath between beats...To Him That Wills The Way is a monster." - CHICAGOIST
"This is an album that rewards repeated listens..." - POPMATTERS
"The band stomps and howls and tears apart their music in a contained setting—or at least as contained as a studio can be. A cacophony of percussive blasts streak through a guttural chunk of fretwork as the band threatens to tear your speakers apart" - NOTES FROM LEFT OF THE DIAL